Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Boombox Speakers

The Bang is a highly portable bluetooth boombox that sounds amazing, is very durable and has a high capacity internal rechargeable battery that is best in class and delivers up to 40 hours of music playback before it needs recharging. The Bang is the size of a child’s lunchbox.

The Big Bang is larger model with two speakers that’s about the size of a soccer ball. It gets louder and delivers even more bass than the Bang. It also has bluetooth for playing music wirelessly from your smart phone, tablet or computer. The Big Bang battery will deliver the same amount of power as the Bang. Up to 40 hours of music playback!

Both The Bang and The Big Bang are fully functional cases so you can open them up and put things inside them. They also both come equipped with USB charging ports to charge your smart phone or camera. While we’re not claiming our products our waterproof, we dunk test each unit in a tank full of water before we ship it to you.