Battery Endurance Test

In late November 2016, the DemerBox crew decided to test the battery life of a DemerBox in real world conditions. We set up a DemerBox in Jayson's back yard and set the audio volume to 75db @ 3ft, which is a universal standard for average listening volume.It's pretty loud.The DemerBox played music continuously for 53 hours, 37 minutes and 14 seconds in near freezing weather before the battery finally ran out of juice.The whole experiment was captured via live stream so anyone could watch at anytime. 

DemerBox Speaker Battery Life Endurance Test Setup

We build every DemerBox by hand in Portland Maine with the best components we can source. Our audio circuit not only sounds amazing, but is very efficient, and our lithium ion battery packs contain the best cells available. Your battery life will vary depending on listening volume, ambient temperature, whether or not you charge your phone from the USB power out built into every DemerBox, and what your charging habits are. For instance if you leave your DemerBox plugged into AC power all the time you will shorten your battery life. 

DemerBox Speaker Battery Life Endurance Test Video Grab

DemerBox Speaker Battery Life Endurance Test Final Frame