DemerBox plays as hard as you do. And we think that might be pretty hard which is why we created DemerBox. We took the best Bluetooth wireless sound technology put it in an indestructibly rugged Pelican case, gave it a killer 50-hour battery life, took it everywhere on earth and tried our best to destroy it. With crisp highs and punchy bass our sound quality game is strong. So strong we even have a 3 time Grammy Award-Winning musician who thinks it’s pretty great. Zac Brown, from the Zac Brown Band, bought one, tried it on a spearfishing trip in Belize and then bought into the company. We also have some cool features. Like a USB port to charge your devices. Or a dry internal storage place. We’re pretty sure you can fit 14 pairs of tube socks inside the Demerbox. Or your wallet and keys. You know, whatever your priorities happen to be. And hey, we make every Demerbox in the USA, by hand. A real person builds each speaker with pride and according to insanely high standards. We know this means your Demerbox will become your trusty sidekick... not some fake TV one...a sidekick with actual adventures...crazy awesome adventures.



Weatherproof Pelican Case keeps the elements out.


50 Hour battery life

50 hour battery life keeps the adventure going... and going... and going.


Quick Bluetooth

Quick and easy Bluetooth pairing with a new wireless range up to 100 feet.

Tech Specs


10.62" x 9.68" x 6.87" (27 x 25 x 18 cm)

5.44lbs (3.37 kg)

USA made military spec Pelican 1300 case.

All metal fastening hardware- 316 stainless steel. Grills, port cap and inner plate- USA molded ABS. Pelican Case- USA molded Polypropylene.


Two 3 inch, 8ohm, aluminum cone with rubber surround drivers.

94db@1ft. 11w per channel RMS. Class D audio circuitry.

100 feet (30 meter) range. Real world tested at over 100 feet, line of sight. Actual performance depends on walls, RF interference and Bluetooth performance of your phone, tablet, or laptop.

3.5mm audio jack in addition to Bluetooth.


2600mAh Lithium Ion @ 12.6v. Up to 50 hours play time between charges. Battery life depends on audio volume, ambient temperature, charging habits and USB charge port usage.

~4 hours to full when battery is depleted

On/off switch.


Every DemerBox is proudly hand built in the USA. Most of our parts are made in the USA and the rest sourced around the planet.

A/C Charger (100-220v input, DC 12.6v@1A output, center positive), 3.5mm stereo cable (1 meter long), Port Plug, Quick Start Guide.