Introducing- the Deep Sea DB2

Introducing- the Deep Sea DB2

We call this DemerBox the Deep Sea DB2 because it looks like it was rescued from a shipwreck.  By utilizing the artisans at the Zac Brown Collective, every Deep Sea DB2 is unique and tells the story of their very own sea travels. Robert Louis Stevenson inspired many boys and girls to hunt for buried treasure with his book Treasure Island. DemerBox decided to build a tribute to seafaring adventures with this speaker we call The Deep Sea.

DemerBox is nestled in a corner of the amazing artisan workshop that is the Zac Brown Collective. ZBC is full of talented craftspeople and many of them contributed their talents to this very special project we created for you.

Grills + Port Caps- ZB Customs //

To create the box, first, Bill Odom of ZB Customs knows metallurgy and is who we turned to for the copper plating of speaker grills and port caps. Once the plating process was complete, Bill  mixed up his secret formula and aged the parts to deep sea greens and greys that are reminiscent of ship tackle that has been exposed to years of salty spray  These parts will continue to patina over time and tell their own story.

Canvas Handles- Southern Hide //

Gunner Foxx hooked us up with a few yards of deadstock waxed canvas that reminded us of sailors duffels and high collared peacoats, and we worked with Southern Hide's Ramon Valdivia to masterfully stitch the canvas onto each Deep Sea DemerBox handle. These handles were then tumbled so they look like a faded sailboat winch handle.

Distressed Exterior- Southern Grind //

Southern Grind has state of the art everything, but we chose to use the oldest machine in their shop. The ancient rock tumbler reminds us of a ghost ship in the fog. We're not sure how this old tub of a tumbler keeps working and it leaks like a rotten skiff, but it's a piece of history that keeps on turning. This process was laborious because only four boxes fit in the tumbler at a time but the final effect is a box that looks like it rolled around the ocean floor for years.

Each Deep Sea DB2 is slightly different and the copper will continue to patina with age. Don’t be surprised if you find a soft pebble or two wedged into a crevice of your Deep Sea DB2. These are just as waterproof and ready for any adventure as our stock DemerBox speakers, but please keep in mind that hard scuffing of the grills and port cap can rub away oxidation (the green part). In our opinion that’s ok because over time the copper will reoxidize.

The Deep Sea DB2 is being released as a limited edition of 56.

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Steve Cleary

Steve Cleary

Over the years I have purchased dozens of Demer boxes and have to say this is certainly the coolest one yet! great job James!

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