zac brown's must-have companion for adventure

In early 2017 multi-platinum, Grammy Award-Winning artist Zac Brown, of Zac Brown Band discovered Demerbox on Amazon.

He first put the rugged speaker to the ultimate test during a spearfishing escapade in Belize. He loved it so much, he is now a co-owner of DemerBox.


What is a DemerBox?

It is a waterproof case that opens to keep valuable items like your wallet, keys and phone safe and dry inside. It lasts an incredible 40 hours between charges. Plus, it has internal USB charging to keep your devices juiced up for your entire adventure!

How does it become Waterproof?

Inside the box, when you're just jamming tunes, you can leave the port plug hole as it is. But when you're in a wet, snowy, or muddy environment, you can get the port plug inside the lid and plug it in outside the box.

Customize your DemerBox

Cater your lifestyle to your demerBox: put stickers on it, change its colors according to your preference; have fun with it and make it your own just like Zac's!


Pesaro Green DB2 SpeakerPesaro Green DB2 Speaker
Pesaro Green DB2 Speaker Sale price$613.00
Build Your Own DB2
Build Your Own DB2 Sale price$628.00
Regardless of how many times it’s kicked, dropped in the pool, spilled on or tossed, this speaker will keep working.

Sage Anderson

I tried the DemerBox, a crisp and bassy, yet nearly indestructible speaker system built into a Pelican case — I couldn't find a single thing wrong with it.

Owen Burke

The DemerBox is my go-to for rocking out in the great outdoors. It’s fully submersible thanks to its waterproof design and practically indestructible.

Chelsey Magness