DemerBox audio cuts in and out

Is your DemerBox audio cutting out?

Let us help you with the following walk-through guide.

Step 1: Are you connecting to the DemerBox via Bluetooth or the Auxiliary Cable?

Step 2: Let's do a range check. Does the audio issue continue when your device is next to the DemerBox? 

  • If yes, please go to Step 3.
  • If the issue stops, there are some audio interference issues that can cause audio to cut out. The DemerBox is designed to have a line-of-sight 100 ft Bluetooth range, meaning that no structures, walls, plumbing, etc. interfere with the connection. If you don't think there's enough distance with your line-of-sight Bluetooth connection, we'd be happy to take a look! Please open a support ticket and we'll help you right away.

Step 3: Please turn off Bluetooth in your device's settings. Connect the Auxiliary cable to your DemerBox and see if the problem continues. 

  • Unsure how to connect the Aux cable? We have a quick walkthrough for you here.
  • If the Aux cable did not have the audio cutting out, there is a problem with your DemerBox's Bluetooth. Please open a support ticket so we can get this fixed for you right away.
  • If the Aux cable experienced the same audio issue, continue to Step 4.

Step 4: Are you streaming music or playing music downloaded music directly from your device?

  • Streaming: It is possible that a lagging internet connection or slow cell service is causing the audio disruption. Please try playing audio that is downloaded to your device. If downloaded audio still has the same issue, please open a support ticket so we can start a repair for you.
  • Downloads: Occasional interruptions from incoming text messages, phone calls, app notifications, email, or the phone going to sleep can disrupt playback. If you've confirmed none of these are causing the issue, please open a support ticket so we can start a repair.

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