How do I make the DemerBox waterproof?

On the left is the internal view where the Port Plug should be stored when not in use. On the right is the external view where it will be installed to become waterproof.

Steps for how to install your Port Plug:

1) Remove the Port Plug from the Port Plug Holder inside the DemerBox.

2) Close the DemerBox lid and secure the latches.

3) Place the Port Plug into the matching opening on the outside lid, called the Port Hole.

4) Secure the Port Plug by lightly pressing the plug into the opening.

5) Twist the locking cap clockwise until it no longer turns.

Whenever your Port Plug is not in use, you should place it back inside the holder for safekeeping. Remember, storing the port plug in the backside of the Port Hole does not guarantee a proper seal and could almost certainly lead to water damage or over-compression of the rubber middle, resulting in a misshapen or inadequate seal over time.

Here's a short video demonstrating how to store the Port Plug. 

If you lose your Port Plug or need a replacement, we can get it to you fast. Open a support ticket above if there's an issue with your Port Plug and you'd like some support directly. Follow this link to order a new one if you simply wish to replace it