How loud does the DemerBox get?

94db @ 1ft. DemerBox is loud enough for many situations, but not all. 

For instance, it's loud enough for a backyard birthday party with a dozen people, but not loud enough for a crowd of 100. Most people who buy are satisfied with the volume it puts out. Try one out, and if you find it's not loud enough, send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

Some of our Amazon customers have said this about the DemerBox' volume:

  • Brought ours for use in our UTV. Awesome sound and I doubt we've ever had it close to full blast. (Hope D., Amazon Customer)
  • It’s pretty damn loud. We use it in our cattle barn which has fans and stuff and you can clearly hear it. Best BT speaker we’ve ever owned. (Unnamed, Amazon Customer)
  • Yes. But that is something you have to decide for yourself. It’s not going to fill the beach with similar volume of, say, an aftermarket system blasting from a car. But it will give you plenty of great sound in my opinion. (Larry, Amazon Customer)
  • Yes, this is impressively loud. I play spikeball near the ocean and have this as my soundtrack. (Craig S., Amazon Customer)
  • Honestly, the sound (with the base port plug open) is amazing. I recently took my DemerBox on a camping trip with friends. I was one of the first to arrive so I was listening to some Tom Petty (RIP) when others started to trickle in to camp. One my friends started actively looking for the speakers, convinced we had brought an old school boom box to camp. We were there for four days. My DemerBox played for at least 30+ hours and was still going strong on a single charge. Bottom line: despite having had some initial price-induced hesitation, after using it on several trips, I have zero buyer’s remorse. (Jim S., Amazon Customer)

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