How to charge your DemerBox

First, take a moment to learn some of the internal components of your DemerBox.

Step 1: Open Your DemerBox.

Step 2: Connect your DemerBox charger to a wall outlet. IMPORTANT: use ONLY a DemerBox charger for charging. The DemerBox uses a 12.6 volt charger. Using a different charger (anything more or less in voltage) can damage your battery and charging capabilities. 

NOTE: The charger light should turn GREEN - indicating that power is coming from the wall outlet. 

Step 3: Snake your charging cable through the port hole and connect to the charge port connection.

Step 4: Check the light on your wall charger. It should now be RED - indicating that it is charging your DemerBox.

NOTE: At this point, you can close your DemerBox. You will be able to play music while the unit is charging.

Step 5: Once the DemerBox is fully charged, the light on your charger will return to GREEN.

NEXT STEPS: At this point you should disconnect the charger from the DemerBox and the wall. We don't recommend leaving your DemerBox plugged in beyond the time needed to charge as this can reduce the battery's longevity. Depending on how much charge your unit needs, it can take up to 5 hours to fully charge. 

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