How to connect your DemerBox using Bluetooth in single unit and multi-cast modes


As you can see, the only way to visually distinguish which speaker you have is by looking at the power switch. The DB2 model has volume buttons and indicator lights while the original DemerBox does not.

SINGLE UNIT MODE: How to Pair Your Device via Bluetooth

Step 1: Turn on the DemerBox by pressing the power button. This makes the DemerBox "discoverable" to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

  • Note: If you have a DB2 (image on the right above), after a few seconds the DemerBox will say "pairing". If you have an original DemerBox (image on the left above), the DemerBox will not say "pairing."

Step 2: Go to your device's Bluetooth settings. Make sure that your device has Bluetooth enabled. 

Step 3: Tap on "DemerBox" to connect.

How to Pair Your Device via Bluetooth: MULTI-CAST MODE

Step 1: Turn off all DemerBox's you wish to multi-cast.

Step 2: Choose a DemerBox to use as your "Primary" speaker. Connect it via Bluetooth using the "single unit mode" instructions above.

Step 3: After the "Primary" speaker is connected to Bluetooth, press and hold the UP volume button until you hear "Broadcast Mode Enabled." The right LED light on the keypad will begin to blink. 

The right-most light blinking indicates that the Primary speaker is in "Broadcast Mode" and is ready to connect to another DemerBox.

Step 4: Turn on another DemerBox speaker. This unit will be a "Satellite" speaker.

Step 5: On this second speaker, press and hold the DOWN volume button until you hear "Broadcast Audio Enabled." Both speakers are now ENABLED for multi-cast mode and are ready for pairing.

Step 6: To activate multi-cast pairing, quick press both the UP and DOWN buttons on the Primary speaker at the same time. Repeat the action on the Satellite speaker. 

  • The LED lights on the Primary DemerBox will begin a back and forth tracking pattern.
  • The LED lights on the Satellite DemerBox will alternate a left / right pattern.
  • After a few moments, you should hear "paired." You are now ready to listen to both speakers.


Notes for Connecting More Speakers:

  • Once the DemerBox's are in multi-cast pairing mode, they will stay active for 30 seconds. You can connect more Satellite speakers to the Primary DemerBox during this time. You will know if they are active by the LED patterns described in Step 6.
  • If you are adding another speaker after the initial 30 second Primary/Satellite DemerBox pairing, repeat Steps 4 through 6 to connect another Satellite unit. 

Volume Control and Exiting Multi-Cast Mode:

  • When in multi-cast mode, the Primary speaker volume buttons control the volume on all paired speakers. You can also use the volume control on your device.
  • To exit multi-cast mode, hold the UP/DOWN volume buttons for 5 seconds. You can also simply turn the DemerBox off to disconnect.