Howler Brothers Collaboration

Howler Brothers Collaboration
These handles have the water transfer pattern applied and are ready to be attached with stainless steel pins to a DemerBox.

DemerBox has had a crush on Howler Brothers for a while. When the opportunity arose for us to collaborate with them we didn’t hesitate to say yes. Heed the call!
The DemerBox and Howler Brothers design teams decided that a custom patterned DemerBox and hat would be the most fun so we got to work and collectively landed on the Howler Brothers/DemerBox Disco pattern as a jumping off point.
This very limited, numbered run of sixty boxes required many extra steps to create. Water transfer printing, or sometimes called hydro dipping, is the process of laying a custom pattern printed on a transferrable film in a bath of water, then pushing the thing you want dipped into the film. It requires a tremendous amount of skill to do it right. Before the transfer happens though the boxes first needed to be completely disassembled, sandblasted, and painted with primer. Electronics are being installed inside the DemerBox.

We decided to tap into our limited supply of aluminum port caps and grills then had them powder coated in a vibrant tangerine color for maximum pop and durability. The switch is another component that looks simple but required much tweaking to get the color and LED placement just right.
Final assembly was done with great care by our small team in Peachtree City, Georgia USA. These DemerBoxes are waiting for Port Caps and vacuum testing.

After assembly, each box was tested for water resistance using our custom vacuum testing machines. They suck the air out of each box and monitor for leaks. Then each box had all of its electronics tested, from audio quality to Bluetooth signal strength. We suck the air out of each DemerBox to verify that it is fully waterproof. Our very smart engineer Dave built these custom devices for us.

We are so happy with the way these turned out. Every one is a little different and special. If you’re thinking about picking one up it’s important to understand that because the pattern is applied by hand, each box has slight cosmetic imperfections. We feel this adds to the unique “wabi-sabi” nature of the box. With use and time these custom Howler Brothers DemerBoxes will get scuffs and rub marks that will enhance the patina and they will only look better with age.

Shop now One of just 60 of these incredible boxes, fully assembled and ready to go.

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