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James' Live Show Picks

James' Live Show Picks

Read how James put together this Portland inspired playlist and give it a listen below.

"For me there are concerts and there are shows. I define a concert as having seating and more than a few hundred people in attendance. Shows almost never have seating, unless it's a sticky bench in the back of the club. The bands usually show up in a van and are not as well known.

Shows are so much more fun for me because there is an intimacy and energy that is created by the band and the crowd. It's like everyone in the room is in on a super special secret.

I narrowed this playlist down to bands that I've seen live in Portland, Maine. This is by no means a comprehensive list of Portland shows I've been to, nor is it necessarily a list of my favorite bands. It is merely a list of memorable shows over the years. There you have it. Enjoy."

— James Demer

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