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The Ultimate Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

DemerBox is designed to brave any outdoor environment – water, rain, hail, dirt, sand, heat, snow. The DemerBox can hold a charge for 40+ hours. Keeps you charged no matter the outdoor adventure!


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Pesaro Green DB2 SpeakerPesaro Green DB2 Speaker
Pesaro Green DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Barrow Black DB2 SpeakerBarrow Black DB2 Speaker
Barrow Black DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Roseau Blue DB2 SpeakerRoseau Blue DB2 Speaker
Roseau Blue DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Haast Orange DB2 SpeakerHaast Orange DB2 Speaker
Haast Orange DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Pesaro Green DB1 SpeakerPesaro Green DB1 Speaker
Pesaro Green DB1 Speaker Sale price$249.00
Paniman Yellow DB2 SpeakerPaniman Yellow DB2 Speaker
Paniman Yellow DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Uyuni White DB2 SpeakerUyuni White DB2 Speaker
Uyuni White DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Jetport Silver DB2 SpeakerJetport Silver DB2 Speaker
Jetport Silver DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Fraser Tan DB2 SpeakerFraser Tan DB2 Speaker
Fraser Tan DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Haast Orange DB1 SpeakerHaast Orange DB1 Speaker
Haast Orange DB1 Speaker Sale price$249.00
Barrow Black DB1 SpeakerBarrow Black DB1 Speaker
Barrow Black DB1 Speaker Sale price$249.00
Roseau Blue DB1 SpeakerRoseau Blue DB1 Speaker
Roseau Blue DB1 Speaker Sale price$249.00
Jetport Silver DB1 SpeakerJetport Silver DB1 Speaker
Jetport Silver DB1 Speaker Sale price$249.00
Uyuni White DB1 SpeakerUyuni White DB1 Speaker
Uyuni White DB1 Speaker Sale price$249.00
Paniman Yellow DB1 SpeakerPaniman Yellow DB1 Speaker
Paniman Yellow DB1 Speaker Sale price$249.00
Fraser Tan DB1 SpeakerFraser Tan DB1 Speaker
Fraser Tan DB1 Speaker Sale price$249.00
Build Your Own DB2
Build Your Own DB2 Sale price$409.00
Marooga Red DB2 SpeakerMarooga Red DB2 Speaker
Marooga Red DB2 Speaker Sale price$399.00
Build Your Own DB1
Build Your Own DB1 Sale price$259.00
Sold out
Cartoon Bomb DB2 SpeakerCartoon Bomb DB2 Speaker
Cartoon Bomb DB2 Speaker Sale price$429.00
Sold out
Steampunk Cartoon DB2 SpeakerSteampunk Cartoon DB2 Speaker
Purple Galaxy DB2 SpeakerPurple Galaxy DB2 Speaker
Purple Galaxy DB2 Speaker Sale price$429.00