DemerBox USB port is not charging the phone?

Is your DemerBox's USB port not charging your phone or device? 

Let us help you with the following walk-through guide.

Step 1: Is your DemerBox turned on and have power?

  • Your DemerBox does not have to be fully charged to connect and charge via the USB port, but it must be turned on. 
  • Not sure if your DemerBox is charged? How to charge your DemerBox
  • If yes, go to Step 2.
  • If no, please turn on your DemerBox and try again.

Step 2: While the DemerBox is turned on, please disconnect the USB cable from the DemerBox. Then, firmly reconnect the USB cable into the DemerBox USB port. Note: if the connection is loose, try another USB cable.

Did this solve the issue?

If no, please open a support ticket so we can provide further support and offer a solution to fix your DemerBox.

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