DemerBox won't play music via Bluetooth connection

Is your DemerBox not playing music when connected to Bluetooth?

Let us help you with this walkthrough guide.

Step 1: Confirm your DemerBox is turned on.

Step 2: Confirm your device is playing music while disconnected from DemerBox.

  • Disconnect from your DemerBox (either via Bluetooth or the Aux cable) and make sure that sound is coming from the device itself before proceeding.

Step 3: Confirm your DemerBox is paired via Bluetooth.

Step 4: If the DemerBox is confirmed connected via Bluetooth, is the OS (operating system) on your device up-to-date?

  • If not, please update the OS in your settings and test again. If you are unsure, please check with your device's manufacturer for details on how to update.

Step 5: "Forget" all connections named "DemerBox"

  • This step varies by device, but within your device's Bluetooth settings, you should see an option to "forget this device" or "remove this device." It may require you to tap an "information icon" within your Bluetooth settings.

Step 6: Confirm that no other device is connected to the DemerBox.

  • Occasionally, another person may have connected to the DemerBox which disables your ability to connect to it. Only one Bluetooth device can be connected to a DemerBox at a time.

Step 7: Turn off your DemerBox for 5 seconds. Then turn it back on.

Step 8: In your Bluetooth settings, toggle Bluetooth off, then back on.

Step 9: Attempt to pair your device to the DemerBox once more. 

Did this solve the issue? 

If not, please open a support ticket so we can assist you directly. 

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