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Route Package Protection

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Demerbox is the last speaker you will ever buy. It’s waterproof, crushproof, acts as a charging station, and has incredible audio.

Why You’ll Love DemerBox

  • Charge on The Go: The speaker acts as a charging station for all your electronics. 40+ hours of battery power on a single charge.
  • Genuine Pelican Case: These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth. The speaker is 100% waterproof.
  • Sound: With crisp highs and punchy bass, our professional-grade sound is loud enough for all your outdoor adventures.
  • Internal Dry Storage: Store your phone and valuables inside the speaker before your next adventure.
  • Built to Last: No more breaking speakers. No more running out of battery. We designed the speaker for your family to enjoy for decades to come.

60 day money-back guarantee. 1-year Warranty: Free servicing on any quality issues. Serviceable for life.





  • Battery: 2600mAh Lithium Ion @12.6v. 40 +hours play time between charges.
  • Battery life depends on audio volume, ambient temperature, charging habits and USB charge port usage.
  • Charge Time: Approximately 4 hours to full when battery is depleted.
  • Volume: Up/Down switch.


  • Place of Manufacture: Every DemerBox is proudly hand built in the USA.
  • Most of our parts are made in the USA and the rest are sourced around the planet.
  • Included with DemerBox: A/C Charger (100-220v input, DC 12.6v@1A output, center positive),
  • 3.5mm stereo cable (1 meter long), Port Plug, Quick Start Guide
Route Package Protection
Regular price $0.98
Regular price Sale price $0.98
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