Custom Collaboratives

DemerBox can solve your corporate gift problems by customizing a DemerBox for you. We can customize as few as fifty boxes up to as many as you want, and options go from mild to wild. Please write to for more information.

DemerBox customizations
  1. Custom switch
  2. Custom color
  3. Water Transfer, custom grill and Port Cap color, custom switch
  4. Side view
  5. Water Transfer including grills, Port Cap and handle.
  6. Copper coated and aged grills and Port Cap. Buffalo hide handle wrap, laser etched signature
  7. Laser etched logo on back of box
  8. Water Transfer, custom grill and Port Cap color, custom switch
  9. Laser etch
  10. Water Transfer, custom grill and port cap color, custom switch
  11. Water Transfer back
  12. Custom foam insert with gifts
Deep Sea DB2 Speaker | LIMITED EDITION
Fly Box DB2
Hasie & The Robots Raptor
Hasie & The Robots Roboto
Howler | Limited Edition Speaker
USO Barrow Black DB2 Speaker
USO Fraser Tan DB2 Speaker
USO Pesaro Green DB2 Speaker
Vineyard Vines Grey Tonal Camo Speaker
Vineyard Vines Print Speaker
VV Icon Camo | Limited Edition Speaker
VV Patchwork | Limited Edition Speaker