How do you pronounce DemerBox?
The Demer in DemerBox is pronounced with a hard E as in bee, or dreamer, femur or lemur. Peen, lean, screen. DeemerBox.

Is the DemerBox waterproof when the port plug is not installed?
NO! In order to make a DemerBox fully waterproof you must remove the Port Plug from inside the lid, put insert it fully into the port hole on the outside of the lid, and tighten it enough so that you can lift the box into the air while holding onto the Port Plug. You also want to make sure that there is nothing obstructing the lid gasket. If there is a lot of sand, dirt, or something like a piece of cord laying on the gasket, that will break the seal when you close the lid and guess what? Your DemerBox will leak.

To review:
  1. Port Plug installed into the port hole
  2. Nothing obstructing the lid gasket.
  3. Both latches latched. If you're using your DemerBox in the rain or in the shower, as long as water isn't going into the port hole, you don't have to install the Port Plug.

How long does the DemerBox last between charges?
If you're listening to music at an "average listening volume" a fully charged DemerBox can last 50 hours or more between charges. This is assuming the ambient temperature is 72F, or 22C. If its colder, the battery life will be reduced. If you're also using your DemerBox to charge your phone or GoPro, the playback time will be less. It takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge a flat DemerBox battery.

Can I leave my DemerBox battery charger plugged in all the time?
You technically can, but it will shorten the life of your battery. Lithium Ion batteries are happiest when they are 40% charged and stored at 59F, or 15C. They do not need to be fully discharged or fully charged for best battery maintenance. Of course in the real world, this is not possible so if your DemerBox battery is not performing as it should, we can replace it.

Can I play music from the USB Port?
No. The USB port is for charging your stuff. If you plug a USB memory stick into the USB port and expect to hear music, you won't.

What can I put inside my DemerBox?
Basically anything that fits! Keys, wallet, socks, a sandwich. Playing music with stuff in your DemerBox will change the tone and might reduce the bass response. When I travel (this is Demer writing this) I pack my DemerBox into my bag and stuff it full of socks and t shirts to save space.

How do I clean my DemerBox?
We recommend using soap and water, or those "magic eraser" things. Avoid spraying the speaker cones with a hard spray of water and if you're really going for a hard cleaning session, we recommend putting the port plug in place to avoid getting water inside the DemerBox. You can dry with a towel, or anything that is handy.

What do I do if my DemerBox breaks?
If your DemerBox is not working properly, please send us an email! If we determine that its a manufacturers defect, we'll fix it for free. If it's your fault, we may charge you for the repair.

Can you ship to an FPO address?
Yes! Are you a US military person living on a base overseas? We can ship to you as if you are in the continental USA.

Does a DemerBox float?
Yes it does, as long as the Port Plug is properly inserted and tightened in the port hole (outside the box, not inside) and the lid gasket is clean and the box is latched properly. Please avoid throwing your DemerBox into a body of water. I know that's a fun party trick but the DemerBox will often land face down and the pressure of the water slamming into the speaker cones can potentially damage them.

Can bring a DemerBox as a carry-on in an airport?
Sure can. TSA agents may be curious about it, and maybe a little envious, but it's totally fine to carry on. We've also checked a DemerBox as luggage and its so rugged it can handle that just fine too.